Shorthand and Dictation by Drew Pisarra



Let me start by saying “dear”

Or more simply put upward slash,

Then small circle with tick beneath

Then gentle swoop like a tentative smile.

That’s quick.


[Insert name here]


If that sounds complicated

What I have to say is difficult too

Or def k in your vernacular

Because you’ve been so indispensable


Or as you’d put it

Nd space s space p

To both me and the company

a.k.a. kp

the company, that’s right

and I want you to know


Steno’s kind of like texting, isn’t it?
That your work has been appreciated

Scratch that

That your work has been satisfactory

Scribble of twisted wire

But we’re going to have to let you go

So if you’d kindly type up

We’re going to let you go

You go

So if you’d kindly type up this

Short note

Then hand it to yourself

Don’t ask me


That’s just a circle with a crease on top


Signature, etc.
Inverted musical note


We’ll have someone from security
Escort you out the building

Once you’ve gathered your things.